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Packing Supplies

You're all ready to move. You have a truck for moving day, you've reserved the perfect unit for you at Tower Self Storage, and you're ready to start packing. As you start gathering your items, you feel less prepared when you realize you don't have enough boxes. Don't worry - Tower Self Storage can help!


We offer a broad range of boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and other moving supplies that are sure to come to the rescue when you need them. You'll find nearly anything you need to pack and move your belongings efficiently for purchase in our office. Stop by today and we'll help you gather everything you need!


Now renting Moving Blankets!





 $39.95 YOU GET 7 SMALL, 6 MEDIUM, 4 LARGE &






18” Wardrobe Box $13.99

24” Wardrobe Box $17.99

Bubble Wrap $7.50

Damp Check $5.99

Dish Box  $6.80

Dish Kit $13.99

Dust Cover  $6.50

EZ Stretch Wrap Small $10.99

Full Cover $4.00

King Cover $5.50

Magnetic LED Light $5.99

Large Box $3.80

Disk Lock $10.99

Disk Lock 2pk $21.99

Medium Box $3.25

Newsprint $17.99

Queen Cover $4.50

Small Box $1.99

Small TV Box $8.99

Sofa Cover $4.50

Tape $1.99

3 Pk Tape w/ cutter $7.99

EZ Stretch Wrap Large $22.39

X-Large Box $4.90

Packing Peanuts $7.99

Glass Cell Kit $8.99

Large TV Box $15.99

Rental Blankets $8.00

Mirror Box $4.99

Lamp Box $5.25

Twin Covers 2 pk $5.50